Meet the team at Inventora! We are growing! A month ago, Inventora hired their first employee, Nicole. As of yesterday, we have brought on another employee, Jon! We are so excited to keep growing, and we want our tight knit community to continue to feel a personal connection to us, therefore, we’d like to formally introduce to you the new Inventora team!

Dianna Allen – Co Founder

Dianna is one of our co-founders here at Inventora, and she also leads the marketing team. Alongside Inventora, she also runs her handmade business, TERRA, full-time. She handcrafts home fragrance daily and also enjoys creative outlets of all types. Dianna recently discovered a new hobby, ceramics, and is working towards creating a little home pottery studio!

Jeremy Blalock – Co Founder

Jeremy is our co-founder, and he runs the design + development at Inventora. Outside of Inventora, he’s started a couple of other software businesses, and is passionate about home DIY projects. He’s currently re-finishing the basement of his and Dianna’s house, which will one day provide a new workspace for her other business TERRA.

Nicole Holzem – Creative Marketer

Nicole is our Creative Marketing Associate. Along side Dianna on the marketing team, Nicole creates and executes social + marketing projects, as well as writes for the Inventora Blog. Prior to Inventora, Nicole worked for another St. Louis brand in Influencer Marketing, and more recently as an Executive Assistant in Los Angeles, CA. In her spare time, she likes to write, travel, and spend time with her friends + family.

Jon Belaire – Software Engineer

Jon is our newest member of Inventora! He has recently joined our development team, and participates in the development of Inventora. Before he started, he developed a unique production + inventory management system for a hardwood flooring manufacturer. He has a passion for woodworking, playing the piano, genealogy, and exploring the wilderness.

Jasper & Finn – Mascots

Jasper is our resident cheerleader! He makes sure everyone, our team and our customers, are supplied with only PAWsitive vibes. Unfortunately, he’s been known to accept peanut butter bribes – but we can look past that. Finn is head of our cheer squad! He’s always keeping an eye on Jasper and strives for PURRfection when it comes to all his duties around the office. Although he’s trying… we do usually find him napping in a corner.

As we continue to grow, we want our the Inventora family to feel like they a personal connection to each of us. The handmade community is full of people who share the a unique love for creating and special type of support for one another. At Inventora, we strive for that same bond with our users and we hope to only see it blossom even bigger in the days to come.

Thanks for all your support and words of encouragement as the Inventora team continues to grow!

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