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for Candle Businesses

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Inventora is the all-in-one inventory system designed for candle businesses – just like yours! Our software features solutions for calculating COGS, low stock material alerts, supplier management, ecommerce integrations, operational reports, and so much more.

Best of all, Inventora automatically deducts and keeps track of your materials available as you create products.

inventory system for Candle Business | Inventora
Inventora Candle Making Inventory Software Management

Raw Material Tracking

Never lose sight of your materials ever again!

Inventora helps to automatically deduct raw materials from your inventory as you create candles, wax melts, and more. Set up a product in Inventora and set what materials are used – whether produced in batches or one-by-one.

This helps efficiently track raw materials, such as candle waxes, wicks, vessels, and fragrance oil. Plus, we’ll indicate in red anything close to your preferred minimum stock level; what you want to always have on hand at all times!

"Inventora has significantly helped to relieve the stress of inventory management for my small business. I love the ability to sync my ecommerce store directly to Inventora. They have so many helpful features that have just made many daunting tasks of running a business so easy. Thanks to Inventora, I now look forward to managing my inventory!”
Bree Kopp
Calafia Candle Company

Manage Production

Plan what products need to be made, set a due date, and view all materials needed for a production. Whether you’re making 5 candles or 500!

Planning a farmer’s market, or you have a wholesale order to fulfill? Our task management system will help optimize this process and meet your delivery times.

Shop Integrations and Syncing

Connect to a variety of ecommerce integrations and automatically sync product stock levels between multiple platforms. Enhance the efficiency of your candle business by making sure you never oversell another product! Integrate through Shopify, Wix, Square, Etsy, or WooCommerce. Manage selling bundles, keep track of overall sales, and more.

Centralized Orders

Keep track and manage all of your integrated ecommerce sales, input manual orders, and view customer data.

With Inventora, you can view all of your retail and wholesale orders in one place and gain insights into customer behavior, such as purchasing trends and quarterly financial data to help you plan ahead!

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