Simple Inventory Management Software
for Soap Businesses

Built by makers, for makers

Inventora is the all-in-one inventory system designed for soap businesses – just like yours! Our software features solutions for calculating COGS, low stock material alerts, supplier management, operational reports, and so much more.

Best of all, Inventora automatically deducts and keeps track of your materials available as you create products.

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Material Components

Use Inventora to manage and produce materials that you make in-house! A custom blended soap base or your own signature fragrance oil mixture, for example.

Your soaps are one-of-a-kind and we make sure that you have full insight on every little detail to make them!

Best of all, Inventora automatically calculates the COGS of every product that you create. Down to the cent!

”This app has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, because I never have to question how much I have of a particular material."
Caitlin Blue
Solette Beauty

Tax Season Preparation

Inventora is equipped with a variety of reports to learn from and advance the growth of your soap business.

With our Inventory Value Report, you are easily able to see how much inventory you have on-hand and the amount that you spent on it to date. Critical information for when taxes are due! Easily download a CSV to hand off to your bookkeeper, or take care of it yourself.

Production Planning

Running a soap business requires carefully planning what products need to be made, setting due dates, and viewing all materials needed for a production. Such as essential oils, colorants, packaging, and more.

Are you planning to attend a farmer’s market, or do you have a wholesale order to fulfill? Our task management feature will help optimize the process and meet your delivery times.

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