Features for Business

Powerful solutions designed for makers and manufacturers, built to scale.

As you create and update product stock levels, all linked materials used with be deducted automatically. Simply tell Inventora what materials it takes to make one single product and we’ll continue to do the math for you going forward. Whether you make 2 or 2,000 – it’s all automated from here.

Set a minimum stock level on items and get alerted once those items drop below that threshold. These alerts will appear as red text indicators on the items that need to be restocked.

Manage stock levels for gift sets, product bundles, and any other groups of products that you sell.

Sync Inventora with Shopify, Wix, Etsy, WooCommerce, and Square. If you use multiple platforms, we’ll ensure that your products don’t oversell. Sales and stock levels are synced with Inventora and they will reflect back to any other integrations.

Add the materials used to create products and watch the numbers break down right in front of your eyes.

Inventora offers an internal task management system for production. Plan any products or groups of products that need to be made, track progress, view all materials needed for a production, and reference recently completed. Set due dates, preview if any materials are low on stock to complete the production run, and automatically sync the updated product levels to your shop.

Streamline communication by adding team members to help manage production runs and keep track of the business’s inventory levels with you.

Our Inventory Value report comes in handy when it’s time for taxes. We also offer reports to show you most popular products, slowest moving materials, most active customers, how much you’ve spent on materials, and more.

Inventora syncs customer data and sales from your ecommerce platforms. View all of your customers in one spot within Inventora. See how much that customer has spent with your business to date and more. Inventora also syncs any sales that come through from your shops to prevent overselling and ensuring your inventory is tracked accurately. Plus, easily create production runs from sales if any products need to be made in order to fulfill an order.

As materials come through your doors, simply save your packing list and input what you’ve received into Inventora. We distribute shipping costs across your materials received, as well as account for any discounts. Ensuring your COGS are always as accurate as possible.

Found a box of jars misplaced in the warehouse? No worries, Inventora allows you to fix errors through a simple audit.