Earlier this year, in April, we entered a competition in St. Louis called Arch Grants. This competition awards emerging startups a grant of $50,000 to help them attain the resources they need to bring their company a step forward.

After months of pitching to judges, awaiting feedback, and generally just bearing long periods of dead silence… we are so honored and excited to announce that Inventora won an Arch Grant!

We are part of the 2021 cohort that includes 34 other companies working towards making a difference in the world.

As someone born and raised in the area of St. Louis, Missouri, being acknowledged in this light by my city is huge. We chose to enter this competition because we believe what we are building with Inventora has been needed for far too long. And it’s a shame no one has created something of its nature yet.

With the $50,000 award, we now have a cushion to work with. We’re able to use these funds to help implement features more quickly. To us, this is an employees salary, a marketing budget, a worry-free moment of decision making.

Being part of Arch Grants is also much more than just the money. It’s a warm welcome into our city. We’re carving out a space of our own to grow here and those in past cohorts can attest that Arch Grants has been a vital stepping stone towards their company’s successes. We now have a closer reach to networks that only want to support us and help us as we navigate towards our next chapter for Inventora.

Which is becoming better and more efficient for you – our community of handmade businesses.

This is only the beginning of Inventora and without your support we would not be in this position today. Thank you, and I promise we will not let you down.

Until next time,

Dianna Allen / Co-founder of Inventora

Watch our intro video from the Arch Grants Gala below:

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